El Macho's Lair is a hidden lair located inside Eduardo Perez's mansion. It is designed to resemble an Aztec/Mexica temple.


During Eduardo's Cinco de Mayo party, Gru, suspicious that Eduardo was, in fact, the villainous El Macho, decided to follow him after the two men had a short conversation. Gru followed Eduardo into a room with an illuminated dance floor that was booby-trapped with axes, spears, and flamethrowers. To get past the room and into the main lair, a combination code matching the tones of La Cucaracha had to be entered using the tiles of the dance floor. The lair itself contained a long bridge and a laboratory. It also housed El Macho's Magnet Ship, and cages for the Evil Minions.

Appearances in Other Media

El Macho's Lair is seen in the game, Minion Rush.



  • Several faces visible inside El Macho's Secret Lair are of masks and his own face wearing his mask on.
  • The lair appears to be huge and possibly has a lot of rooms in it.
  • The beach is also part of his lair, which is seen when Kevin went into the tube and popped out into the lair. However, due to gravity, it can be deducted that the entire lab is below the beach.
  • It was never revealed when El Macho built the lair.


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