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​El Macho's Lair is a playable location in Minion Rush. In update 1.1.0, it was introduced as the third playable location in the game.


This area, hence the name, is based off the El Macho's Lair in Despicable Me 2. All Minions in this location are Evil Minions, however, they don't act much different from the regular minions.

Obstacles here include, burning torches that must be rolled under, large and short totem poles, walls blocking one path, Evil Minions rolling in wheel-shaped cages, statues that spout fire across the entire path, large circular saws, magnets whose magnetic field pushes the player's Minion in the particular direction it is pointing (usually encountered around the circular saws), split paths, slides, and more. Just like in Minion Beach, when the player's minion touches the burning torch, it flies off the path into the abyss.

El Macho will appear as a boss here randomly once a goal given to defeat him is given. He can be defeated simply be tossing Pollito back at him. There is an area with purple walls/liquid and screenshots of Minion Beach from the movie, that features many Bananas. Banana Vacuums are in this area which allow the player to collect these many Bananas. The music will also change once the player enters this area and will continue until he exits.


Before the Jelly Lab update, there's a featured soundtrack played as background music in the home page in El Macho's Lair.

As mentioned above, there is also a music for the secret area.



  • If the player loses and restarts here, the Minion can be seen activating the code to enter El Macho's Lair before becoming playable.
  • Scenes from Despicable Me 2 can be found playing in certain areas.
  • The music of the secret area of this location was also used in the prop Minion Glider.
  • Some reactions for minions' fail are more seen in here and don't exist in some other locations.
    • Falling into a void
    • Being pulled under a sweeper and thrown out causing him to get dizzy (The Mall only)
    • Being crushed by a toppled totem pole
    • Hitting a saw and becoming confused
    • Being burned by a flamethrower, causing him to run around and sit on his burned bottom
    • Being flattened by a rolling evil minion cage
    • Being burned by a torch and flying off the path
    • Being defeated by El Macho


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