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London (or England. London, the capital of the United Kingdom) is a fictional location in the Film Minions (2015). Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Scarlet Overkill, Herb Overkill, Queen Elizabeth, Corgis, Athletes, Butler, Royal Advisor, Family of Villains and others live here.


This place first appears when Scarlet Overkill said after that: "The next stop is England" and brings minions after calling Scarlett from Villain-Con to her home and meet her husband Herb Overkill.

A little later, Scarlett will come up with a plan:Steal the crown from Queen Elizabeth (yes, yes, she rules England and her favorite corgis dogs)

A little later, a trio of Minions enter Herb's lab, and Herb gives them weapons to complete tasks.

Later, Scarlet Overkill brings the minions to bed to rest and then she tells him a bedtime story.

The next day, the Minions go to the Tower of London to steal the crown. They disguised themselves as women, and they give gold to a woman, and they go into the Tower. The guards approach him, but fortunately Stewart hypnotizes the enemies. They continue to search for the crown for excitement, but the tower is too high and Stuart and Bob will exhaust them (except Kevin) (as it was on the boat, but thank God they almost died).

And they are very tired, and here is the crown in front of his eyes, but the Keeper of the crown (who he guards the crown of Queen Elizabeth) comes to him.

And they keep stealing the crown.

They tried, but Bob accidentally becomes the King of England.

A little later, a British news anchor reports on TV at Scarlett Overkill's castle that Bob is becoming king, and Scarlett and Herb immediately go to Buckingham Palace.

The three of us drive the car to the palace, and he doesn't leave the car until the entire palace guard has changed into minion costumes. Then Bob gives a speech. But unfortunately, no one understands the Minion language.

They stay at Buckingham Palace with Corgi and Athletes and enjoy life, Kevin with Corgi and Athletes play polo riding Corgis, Stuart in the Jacuzzi, Bob plays hide-and-seek with the Butler, a little later the artist paints him a wonderful portrait, Kevin plays cricket with Corgi, he hits a cricket ball for Corgi to the door and still, until Scarlet hits a cricket ball, and Corgi attacks, licks Scarlett's face. It only annoys her, she won't know what happened.

A little later, the laws change that Scarlett will become Queen of England. Scarlett tricks the minions and sends them to torture in a dungeon under Buckingham Palace. And Herb doesn't seriously torture them.

The coronation begins. And the Minions decided to apologize to her, but Stuart and Bob accidentally threw a huge chandelier. And Kevin managed to escape, but only two were caught.

Kevin hides in a pub in London. And he sees Queen Elizabeth ll again. Then on TV, Scarlett is going to kill Stuart and Bob until he comes before dawn.

Kevin immediately runs away from the pub and runs to Scarlet's castle and pulls out a weapon to save his friends, but behind him is a crowd of villains and suddenly turns into a huge minion, all the Villains of Scarlett are terrified, and Scarlett is trying to kill all the minions. But in the last battle, Scarlett launches lava rockets, but Kevin catches and swallows, and grabs Scarlett's dress and explodes together. The minions are sad about Kevin's singing. But suddenly Kevin was alive and a huge parachute denim jumpsuit.

Queen Elizabeth ll gives minions to everyone. Everyone is waving to the audience, the athletes were standing and holding their horses, the corgis wagged their tail, One of the Athletes was holding one of the Queen's Corgis backwards, one of the Queen's Corgis was licking one of the minions in her mouth. But then Scarlett and Herb again kidnaps the crown of Queen Elizabeth ll and they are frozen by a 10-year-old Gru. And Bob comes up to Scarlett, gives him a small crown, which was given by Queen Elizabeth ll.

In the post-credits scene, all the characters from England and beyond (including one of the Queen's Corgi, Athletes riding Corgis from Buckingham Palace, Security Guards from the Tower of London, the Keeper of the Crown, the Queen, with two men, Scarlet and Herb, Villains Villain-Con, Family of Villains, Young Gru, Napoleon, Caveman, Poochie, Bigfoot, T-rex) sing with the rest of the characters on the Minion version of the Revolution.

About England[]

England is the most famous country where the famous Queen of the United Kingdom - Queen Elizabeth II lives. There are famous places there in England:The Tower of London, the Bukmken Palace, a pub in England, a church in England, and so on. Respect and culture in England, there are the most famous and different cultures of England, Guards dance to the Tower of London, British people drink tea, play polo riding corgis, get dedicated in a pub in England, and so on.

Unlike the reality of the polo game on horseback, royal athletes also like to play polo riding royal corgis on Queen Elizabeth's favorite dogs. And Kevin also he played polo riding one of the royal corgis at the Bukmken Palace. They also like to take pictures on guard in the Tower of London. And also the inhabitants of England adore the Queen of England and they often wave and greet. And they also like to celebrate on the lawn in front of Bookmken Palace, when Kevin Stewart and Bob award gifts from the Queen of England.

Notable residents of England[]

  • Kevin
  • Stuart
  • Bob
  • Scarlet Overkill
  • Herb Overkill
  • Walter Nelson
  • Madge Nelson
  • Walter Nelson Jr.
  • Tina Nelson
  • Binky Nelson
  • Queen Elizabeth ll
  • Corgis
  • Athletes
  • London residents
  • Crown Keeper
  • Guards
  • New Yorkers
  • Villains Villain-Con
  • Artist
  • Butler
  • Royal Counsellor
  • Minions
    • Dave
    • Jerry
    • Mark
    • Chris
    • Carl
    • Tony
    • Eric
    • Paul
    • Tom
    • Phil
  • Young Gru