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Illumination is well known for being the owner of the rights over the Minions. They love so much their mascots that they put them in any of its logo presentations in every film they make. Here is a compilate of every of these times.

Despicable Me[]

One Minion looks at the camera from the right side of the screen, then he comes out and say Hi to us with his hand, just to be interrupted by The Illumination Entertainment logo and strong trumbets, which shines and sounds even stronger, almost taking the poor Minion as if it there was wind in the place. When the trumbs are over, Poor Minion feels a little '' passed out '' or doesn't feel his legs / his legs went numb, and he falls over. This animation ends with the Minion leaving the screen with his arms.


A Minion looks at us. The end. Hahaha, just kidding. Another Minion dressed like a rabbit reaches the place throwing eggs at the floor. When 0'5 meters, The rabbit minion moves his bottom, which has a rabbit tail.