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Evil Bratt is the name of an 80's TV show with Balthazar Bratt as its star when he was a child actor.

The show is about Bratt causing trouble, fighting the police and guards that try to stop him, robbing banks, and attacking with a giant robot of himself; as well as saying "I've been a baaaad boy" as his catchphrase. It was popular worldwide until its star hit puberty, which got the show canceled in 1987 after it became unpopular. Extremely furious and devastated with the cancelation, Bratt became a genuine villain. To this end, he kept the show's legacy alive within his lair, his plots and the 80's theme of his gear and weapons; along with the 80's music that he plays during the start or end of his heists.

Show's Cast[]

  • Balthazar Bratt as Evil Bratt; the star
  • Clive as Evil Bratt's sidekick

Show’s Seasons[]

  • Season 1 (1985)
  • Season 2 (1986)
  • Season 3 (1987)