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Felonius Gru Jr.
Gru Jr (transparent)
Status Alive
Species Human
Hybrid human-cockroach (formerly)
Gender Male
Age unknown (13+ months)
Eye color Blue
Height 60 cm
Hair color Red

Silas Ramsbottom
Poppy Prescott
Mega Minions
Lenny the Honey Badger
Maxime Le Mal (formerly)


Maxime Le Mal
Felonius Gru (formerly)


Felonius Gru
Robert Gru † (paternal grandfather)


Lucy Wilde
Marlena Gru (paternal grandmother)


Margo Gru (adoptive older sister)
Edith Gru (adoptive older sister)
Agnes Gru (adoptive older sister)
Dru Gru (paternal uncle)


Despicable Me 4

Voiced by

Tara Strong

Felonius Gru, Jr. (or simply Gru Jr.) is Gru and Lucy's baby son, Margo, Edith and Agnes' younger brother, and a main character of Despicable Me 4.


Felonious Gru Jr. has blue eyes, a pointy nose, and a red tuft of hair on his head (similar to his mother, Lucy) He wears a grey onesie with lighter gray polka-dots, and a gray scarf with black stripes exactly like his father, Gru.


Felonious Gru Jr. appears to be a nice baby, but only when he is with his mother Lucy, and seems to be angry with his father, Felonious Gru Sr, though he later warms up to him. He is also mean to Gru’s enemy, Maxime Le Mal, except when brainwashed by him. Though he did manage to gain control over himself quite quickly and started to attack Maxime instead.


Gru Jr. was born between Despicable Me 3 and Despicable Me 4. He was known to often torment his father. He accompanied Gru, Poppy and two minion of a heist. He was captured by Maxine Le Mal at the end of Despicable Me 4.