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Despicable Me[]

I got the shrink ray! Cotton candy!
— Gru to Nefario
I'll stuff you all in the crust!
— Gru threatening the girls when they ask for stuffed crust
We are going to steal...pause for effect...THE MOON!!!
— Gru planning to steal the moon
Listen close, you little punk. When I get in there, you are in for a world of PAIN!
— Gru threatening Vector
Knocked over!
— Gru knocking down that little tin spaceship
Life is full of disappointments.
— Gru telling Margo that life is full of disappointments.
Our first customer is a man, named Vector.
— Gru telling the girls they're first delivering cookies to Vector.
The recital? I am, the greatest criminal of the century! I don't go to little girls' dance recitals!
— Gru telling one of his Minions he at first won't go to the girls' dance recital.
I got it! I GOT THE MOON! I got the moon!
— Gru after he shrunk the moon with shrink ray.
Vector, open up!
— Gru telling Vector to open the front gates of his fortress.
Now, the girls!
— Gru telling Vector to give the girls back to him.
What happened to the ship? It's big again!
— Gru asking Nefario what happened to his airship when he notices it's back to it's normal size.
Okay girls, girls, you're gonna have to jump.
— Gru telling the girls to jump out of Vector's rescue airship so he can catch them.
Don't worry, I will catch you.
— Gru telling the girls he'll catch them when they jump.
Margo, I WILL catch you, and I will NEVER let you go again!
— Gru telling Margo to trust him
They're very good.
— Gru impressed with the girls dancing.

Despicable Me 2[]

Here's one thing, instead of tassing people and kidnapping them, maybe you should just give them a call! Good day Mr. Sheep's Butt!
— Gru telling Mr. Ramsbottom he should give people a call instead of kidnap them.
Gru, and this is Lucy, and we are closed.
— Gru introducing himself and Lucy to Eduardo Perez.
That guy, looks, exactly like the villain named, El Macho. From about twenty years ago... He was ruthless, he was dangerous, and that's the name implies, very macho. He had the reputation for doing a heist, using only his bare hands! Ah, but sadly, like all the greats, El Macho was gone, too soon. He died in the most macho was possible, riding a shark, with two hundred and fifty pounds of dynamite strapped to his chest, into the mouth, of an active volcano! It was glorious!
— Gru telling Lucy the backstory of El Macho.
They never found the body, oh-no. All that was ever retried, was a pile, of singed chest hair. But that face, it has got to be El Macho.
— Gru telling Lucy El Macho's body was never found.
Yes, that's good, cause I'm telling you, if anybody in this place has the PX-41 serum, it's him!
— Gru telling Lucy he thinks Eduardo Perez is the one with the PX-41 serum believing he's El Macho.
Don't worry, I will get you out of this.
— Gru rescuing Lucy.

Despicable Me 3[]

Yes. Wait, wha? What did you call us?
— Gru asking Lucy what she called the Agents.
I like it, but not a lot. I don't like it.
— Gru telling Lucy about the Agent name she called them.
He had to be so smart about it! 'I've been a BAAAD Boy!' Goh!
— Gru complaining how Bratt got away.
Mmm. looks almost too good to even eat. Am I right?
— Gru telling Agnes about the soup.
You told me my father died of disappointment the day I was born!
— Gru complaining to his mom why she didn't tell him that he had a brother.
Sorry, it's a twin thing.
— Gru telling Lucy about his interaction with Dru.
You know what? I've got two words for you: Dance Fight!
— Gru telling Bratt his last words.
Honey, he's my brother. We'll give him a 5 minute head start.
— Gru telling Lucy not to be harsh on Dru.