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The player's Minion grabs a Fever during the Pirates, Ahoy! event.

The Fever Mode is an item in Minion Rush, and it was introduced in the 4.5.0 version.


When running in the Special Missions, the player can choose to equip the item, which can be used up to six times during the run, just like the prop mini-games in previous mission. Once picked up, the Minion rushes faster and becomes invincible against obstacles, and the special items spawns more often in the way. The initial timespan of the item is 15 seconds.

Fever Mode can be upgraded in the market.

Yellow Level Cost
and Ability

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
180 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
17 seconds
350 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
19 seconds
600 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
21 seconds
1,000 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
23 seconds
1,500 Tokens
(+4 seconds)
25 seconds
Orange Level Cost
and Ability
2,200 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
27 seconds
3,000 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
29 seconds
3,900 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
31 seconds
4,900 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
33 seconds
6,000 Tokens
(+2 seconds)
35 seconds
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10


After the first part of the mission Bubble Gum Invasion, all the existing Fever Mode was cleared and a series of mini-games appear as the counterparts of Fever Mode in the following missions. The mini-games have same function and upgrades cost as much as Fever Mode, yet, any of their upgrades (if the player upgraded) didn't pass to following fevers.


  • In the previous version, unlike the previous props, it didn't show up in the shop but in the market (for upgrade) and the inventory (for remaining free Fever Modes available).
  • The item has the same shortcoming as the Golden Shield (discontinued for iOS and Android) - while running, the player had to prevent the Minion from falling into the void, or the game ended.
  • It is the only power-up to return to 5-Year Celebration update that can be upgraded.
  • With the start of the new special mission, all fever upgrades will be reset to level 0.
  • When this is collected, the music pitch and speed increase.