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Time to go fishing!
— Notice of the game
Fishing Frenzy

Fishing Frenzy is a mini-game in Minions Paradise. This game is on the south of the main island and it's playable once surrounding area is cleared. It is the first mini-game one will encounter as the island is expanded.


There's a wooden platform extended from the land, with a piece of huge meat hooked on a fishing rod. A sign on the sea indicates that alligators may appear.


There are three ways to earn alligator teeth (points) in this game:

  • Going through gates
  • Collecting golden alligator teeth
  • Jumping over rocks

A round of playing of Fishing Frenzy is limited, and the player have to jump over rocks and collects alligator teeth.

When starting the mini-game, the minion is called and he fishes with a big piece of meat as a bait to the fishing rod. Then an alligator appears from the water, and it drags away the meat, fishing rod, and the minion, which makes the minion screams.

The player need to tap to make the minion to jump over rocks (which can gain 20 points) and collect golden alligator teeth floating above the sea (each one gives 30 points). 5 points also given when the minion passes a gate. In the end, the alligator pulls away the meat and the minion gets back to the platform.

It takes a minute to play the game again, and the points can build up when playing the mini-game several times. Achieving 7500 points for the first time, the player is able to gain 1 of 5 pieces of the Totem Pole, the player can continue playing and get 300 Sand dollars, and then 10 Doubloons the following time, the game continues to switch between 300 Sand Dollars and 10 Doubloons the total score reaches the limit.


  • Initially, passing through the gates gives the most points out of three actions in the game.
  • A hut can be seen beside the platform, with two pieces of meat and a banana hang beside.
    • When the game is unavailable, the wooden window of it is closed, with a clock sign drawn on it; but when the game is available again, the window is open.
  • There are two types of posture that the minion stumbles on an obstacle: one is slightly losing balance, and the other one is that the minion stumbles and is dragged violently (the body turns full around but oddly, the rod is constanly held).