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Minion Rush Fluffy Horse

The Fluffy Unicorn (commonly styled as Fluffy Unicorn!) is an item / power-up in Minion Rush. You can unlock it via a costume that features it. After unlocking it, this power-up will randomly appear in runs covered by a pink aura. Once ran into, the minion runner is warped to an area in the particular location and must tilt the screen left or right to collect bananas upwards until the unicorn reaches the top of the area and vanishes.

The unicorn can only climb to the top if Bananas are collected, therefore, if Bananas are not collected, it will lose impetus and eventually fall to the bottom of the area and vanish. Bananas are therefore the driving force to this power-up. It is the same unicorn that Agnes Gru won from Space Killer in Super Silly Fun Land. When you ride it, the Unicorn song from Despicable Me and one of it's mini movies, Home Makeover will play. When this item is upgraded, not only does it increase the amount of bananas collected, but the route to the top gets trickier, as there will be smaller groups of bananas appearing. Until the end of the Jelly Lab game versions, the fluffy unicorn ride would last a certain amount of seconds, depending on the player's ability to collect or miss bananas. However, in the current version, the fluffy ride can last up to 44 seconds and the formation of the bananas vary from one ride to another. 

Fluffy Unicorn 1

Currently, when the mission's objective requires collecting bananas, the use of the Fluffy Unicorn is highly recommended. It is one of the three power-ups, the other being the Mega Minion (XXL) and the Moon that doesn't appear during a run, unless a costume that features it is used for the mission. Currently, the best costume to use for collecting bananas quickly is Knight



  • The music of the Residential Area on the home screen is the exact same as the Fluffy Unicorn's except for the fact that it lacks the humming noise.This was removed when locations' home screen and traveling between locations was cancelled in Update 2.0.1.(the Jelly Lab Update). 
  • The Fluffy Unicorn, along with the Mega MinionGru's Rocket and The Moon, occasionally will spawn right in front of an obstacle (due to the fact that they warp the player to a minigame, unlike other items). Therefore, if the player misses these items, it will result in crashing into the obstacle behind it and failing the run.
  • When seen on Jelly Lab levels with Fluffy Unicorn tasks, the Residential Area can be seen at night outside the window.
  • In Update 2.0.1. (the Jelly Lab Update), the Fluffy Unicorn must be unlocked (if not unlocked previously) on level 18.
  • Unlike other power-ups, the activation meter does not appear when the Fluffy Unicorn is on the go.