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Fortune Wheel minion rush

Turning the Fortune Wheel

The Fortune Wheel was a special item that appeared in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. It determined which location will be in the game at certain levels.

There was a screen and a bound minion on the wheel. It appeared in certain Jelly Lab levels, which had a question mark on it, and decided which location will the level be. When first entered, the player needed to slip the screen and make the wheel turn, and when it stopped, an unlocked location was chosen randomly. The wheel could be turned choose a location again, but the player required to spend 5 tokens.


  • When turning the wheel, the minion on it groaned and got dizzy when it stopped. But when the player left the level and returned again later, the minion simply giggled.
  • The minion on the fortune wheel seems to be much smaller than the other minions.
  • The Halloween Residential Area could not be spun on the Fortune Wheel probably due to a programming error.