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Freedonia is a location in Minion Rush, and is the first and only location released after the 5-Year Celebration update. It is based on Freedonia, the place where Gru, Lucy and the girls met Dru in Despicable Me 3. It is the eighteenth and final location available in the game.


It is a location with pigs and cheese, and at the beginning the minion will ride the pig and jump into the lollipop cart.

It has obstacles like large cars with cheese, flower pots, lollipop seller, pig statues, carts with straws on it that the player's Minion must dodge, monuments that red ones will fall into the bottom of the location, etc. Those red ones work similar to other versions in other locations (The Volcano, Minion Park, Eduardo's House, The Pyramids, and Prison).

There's also a slide which is a cheese grater wich the Minion will slide into a cheese grater. It resembles the tall slide in Minion Beach and The Pyramids. There's also a secret area which is Dru's Lab, running and using the Banana Vacuum to collect many Bananas. Afterwards, it will jump into Dru's Villain Wheels and reach the main patch again. There was a bug when the Minion would fall into the secret area and end the game.


  • Freedonia was never available when Downtown was available.
  • Red Crosses were never available in Freedonia.
  • Double-objectives were never available in Freedonia.
  • There's also a portrait of Robert Gru in the location while running in the secret area and the portrait is the same as in the movie.
  • The plane where Gru, Lucy, the girls, Fritz and two Minions arrived in Freedonia appears as a cameo while the minion jumps into the secret area.
  • Freedonia is the only location unavailable in the Jelly Lab.
  • Following when Prison was introduced in November 2017, and Freedonia was introduced in June 2019, it is the longest gap between a new location being introduced in Minion Rush.
  • Freedonia was never available before the 5-Year Celebration update.


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