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German Shepherd
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Gender Male
Age Adult

Police Dog


Corgi, Pops, Daisy and other pets, Police, Bella (former)


Minions, Mel, Kyle


German Shepherd breed, wears a black collar

German Shepherd - one of the dogs German Shepherd breeds in The Secret Life of Pets, Despicable Me 3, Kyle's Secret Life, The Secret Life of Pets 2., Fly Hard.


They have the German Shepherd breed. The collar is black and the coat is black and dark.


Unlike Corgis and other dogs, they are very intelligent, Sly and guard, Evil, Tricky dogs. In The Secret Life of the pets, she is shown as a friendly German Shepherd that she befriends with other animals and dogs. He goes for a walk in the park, he will throw a party. But a little later, as shown in Despicable Me 3 and Kyle's Secret Life and Fly Hard like a villain. They are like real police dogs. As shown, two non-chic German shepherds bark at minions in Despicable Me 3. Or one of the German Shepherds tried to love the poodle until he was disturbed by Kyle in Kyle's Secret Life.


About the previous childhood of these dogs is not known exactly. Most likely, they came from Germany to New York. And then in Los Angeles.

For the first time it can be seen in the Secret Life of Pets Thrice: first in a dog park. And then at Pops' party, where some pets have thrown a wild party and a little later she runs away from the palesos from the hamster. Giget and her friends and Pops search for Max while other pets run around the apartment from the palesos. And at the end of the film, the German Shepherd can be seen on the left side of all the pet apartments.

Then, he can again be seen by two non-cocky shepherds in Despicable Me 3, With the two The police they bark at Minions and Mel as they run off onto the stage and keep barking again. One of them stands on its hind legs and barks. And another German Shepherd digging.

In Kyle's Secret Life, he tries to love a Bella, until he is disturbed by Kyle, Gru's dog.

In The Secret Life of Pets 2, she appears only in Daisy's flashback on a plane in Together with other pets.

In Fly Hard, In New York, A German shepherd and a pigeon Chump fight, For the Medallion, then, he barks and tries to catch, but he gets away.