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The Golden Tickets were a kind of special item in Minion Rush and was introduced in update 4.0.0 in September 2016. It was the fifth and one of the premium currencies in the game.

Players earned golden tickets by opening Costume Improver Prize Pods, which was earned by directly purchasing them or by collecting all fruits of a jelly machine in higher Jelly Lab levels. A golden ticket could be (and only) used to a costume, if the player has collected enough tickets and unlock the costume's ability (known as golden skill), the user activated the Ticket Shredder to convert the remaining ticket(s) to golden dust, which was converted to another ticket if enough were collected.

The golden ticket gave certain costumes for more ability, for example, if Boxer Minion's golden ability was unlocked, its ability was upgraded to make all power-ups last 32 seconds longer if it is also upgraded to the highest level, even longer than a fully upgraded Lucy Minion. Compared to the Blueprint, the golden ticket was much easier to unlock for the costume's additional ability, golden skill, though the ticket of costumes the player hasn't owned yet may also spawn; these tickets couldn't be shredded or converted to other uses.

Characters with Golden Skills[]

Golden Skill History
Special Mission Golden Skill(s) Added Tickets Needed Minion Added with Update
Mower Minions Baby 6 Original Game
Boxer 16 Downtown Update
Firefighter 10 Yellow Carpet Update
Ninja 10 Original Game
Referee 6 Original Game
Skater 25 Original Game
Tourist 16 SSFL Update
Haunted Hustle Ghost 16 Halloween Residential (2013) Update
Piggy Power Leotard 25 Piggy Power mission
Santa 25 Holiday Lab (2013) update
Hunting for Love Athenian 25 Minion Games mission
Disco 25 Downtown update
Quarterback 6 Downtown update
Worker 6 Minions At Work Update
Trip to the Theme Park Dad 25 Original Game
Knight 16 SSFL Update
Back to the 80's Stereo 25 Back to the 80's mission
Operation Bubble Gum Jogger 25 Downtown update
Attack of the Bubbles Bratt's Workout 25 Attack of the Bubbles mission
Singer 25 Original Game
Minions on Strike Striker 25 Minions on Strike mission
Minion Vacation Soccer 25 Field Sports mission
Showtime Minions Cancan Dancer 20 Showtime Minions mission
Good to be Bad Vampire 16 Halloween Residential Area (2013) update
Minion Break Prisoner 16 Minion Break mission
Jolly Christmas Holiday Sweater 25 Jolly Christmas mission
New Year's Chase Spy 25 Operation Bubble Gum mission
Bratt's Comeback Lab Coat 25 Horror Night Party mission
The Minions' Valentine Lucy 25 The Mall update
Spring Fling Peace and Love 25 Back To School
Wacky Dash Barker 16 SSFL update
Banana Day Jungle 20 Minion Safari mission
Cinco De Mayo Tortilla Chip Hat 10 Yellow Carpet update
Soccer Tournament Soccer Fan 25 Soccer Tournament mission
Adventures in Egypt Cleopatra 10 Family Vacation mission



  • A series of numbers, 230010, were written on the ticket. They also appear on the Market Ticket.