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The name Grammy Norma does not belong to the Despicable Me franchise.
Grammy Norma
Gender Female
Age 90
Eye color Brown
Hair color White



Ted Wiggins, Mrs. Wiggins, Audrey, The Lorax, The Once-ler


Aloysius O'Hare, Morty and McGurk (formerly)


Mrs. Wiggins (daughter)


The Lorax

Voiced by

Betty White

I'm Grammy Norma, I'm old and I've got gray hair. But I remember when trees were everywhere - and no one had to pay for air! So I say, let it grow!
Grammy Norma, The Lorax (film)

Grammy Norma is Ted's grandmother who tells him about the Once-ler. She was voiced by the late Betty White.


Grammy Norma's hairstyle is a big, round, curly white afro like her daughter, Mrs Wiggins. She wears small, round glasses and a magenta cardigan with pale pink frills over a bright green dress. She also owns a wooden spiral cane.

Early Life[]

It is known that she remembers when Truffula trees still existed. At some point in time she gave birth to her daughter who would later give birth to her grandson. Not much else is known about her early life.

Current Life[]

Grammy Norma seems very wise and knows how to get out of a tough situation. She is also eccentric and reasonably fit, as she can snowboard.


  • Ted Wiggins- She is willing to help Ted in any way she can.
  • Mrs. Wiggins- She tends to trick her twice in the movie to help Ted. Once by pretending to loose her dentures so she can tell Ted about the Once-ler, and a second time by taking long turns in Scrabble so as to frustrate her, making her leave so Ted can leave and go see the Once-ler again.



  • Grammy Norma and Mrs. Wiggins have the same Afro hairstyle.
  • Grammy Norma is a little bit crazy, but wise in most ways.
  • She enjoys playing Scrabble.
  • Grammy Norma is often mistaken by the name "Granny Norma".
  • During "How Bad Can I Be?" If you pause at the scene where The Once-ler "donates" to Ubb pretending to be a homeless person, Grammy Norma can be seen in the background taking pictures of The Oncer-ler, along with other photographers. This could just be a case of the animators re-using her character model.