The Great Pyramid of Giza is a significant landmark of Egypt that was stolen by Vector.


Despicable Me

Vector managed to quietly steal the Great Pyramid from its foundations. To make sure no one noticed, he replaced it with an inflatable replica. Vector then managed to put the Pyramid in his backyard.

Eventually, a young boy named Justin accidentally fell onto the replica, showcasing the villain's deed. This theft would cause another villain, Felonius Gru, to put into action his long-time plans to steal the Moon.


It's revealed in the film Minions that the minions built the pyramid in 2500 BC. At first, the pyramid was built upside down, so that the pointed part was facing down, but after a minion did a "ship christening" for the pyramid with a bottle of wine, it fell over and landed right-side up, crushing the Pharaoh and his followers in the process.



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