Performer: Elmarie Wendel
Gender Female

Once-ler's Mother (sister or sister-in-law)
Ubb (husband)
Once-ler (nephew)

Brett and Chet (nephews)

Ted Wiggins (great grandnephew)

Mrs. Wiggins (great niece)

Grammy Norma (niece-in-law)

Grizelda is the Once-ler's aunt.


Grizelda has long red hair tied in two horn-like buns. She wears a tiny purple bowler hat with a white feather and a long purple dress with a fur collar. She sometimes carries a purple purse.


She is lazy, greedy, bossy, mean and rude like the rest of the family. She doesn't seem to appreciate nature or people much.

Early Life

Grizelda was called to the Truffle Forest (which she refers to as a "dump") to assist the Once-ler in making Thneeds. However, this was resisted by The Lorax, especially when she called him a giant furry peanut. This almost started a fight, which the Once-ler prevented - only for the Lorax to mistake Grizelda for a male. Later, the Lorax called her "sir" and demanded that he talks to her boss. Grizelda refused and threw him far away. Eventually, when the forest was depleted completely, she returned home, and the Once-ler became a recluse.



  • The Lorax mistakes her for a man.
  • She is the only known aunt of the Once-ler, Brett, and Chet.
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