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Gru's Lab is a large complex located under Gru's House. It is the place where the Minions and Dr. Nefario work in, and there are also cells for the Minions to live in.


The laboratory is large and has a metallic asthetic to it. The only known entrance is through a secret elevator located in the living room.

The complex has some thin bridges inside. It houses a few giant "caverns" with a hatch at the top, used for large equipment such as rockets and a beaming machine. And tubes that minions can go through.

With the adoption of the girls, after the first movie, they seem to know how to get to the lair, as shown when Margo presses the button on a rhinoceros chair to activate the elevator that leads to the lair.

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Where the elevator goes down. It goes through the middle of an area where some of the caverns are, That have Several windows in the backround where several minions can be seen working. Some of the thin bridges have poles that minions can slide down onto more larger platforms. With pipes underneath. One having a water machine.

There are also large hallways that are inside caverns. One of them can be seen having its own yoga room in the middle. With it leading to some viewing platform of a massive stage. There are several more platforms which most likely have their own entrances.. Where gru has been seen doing announcements before. Where he showed off the times square jumbotron he stole. There is also a platform where gru can make go really high. With that having a window that can be opened where he did his iconic announcement where he was going to steal the moon.

In Despicable Me 2. An area has gets turned into a jelly factory in one of the areas of the lab. It is mostly Like the other part of the lab just mentioned except there are fruit crates and also large fruit baskets that minions stomp on the fruits. Though minions are prone to falling into the jelly machines underneath if they make one wrong step. Though it doesnt cause any serious harm. They just get their heads stuck in jars. There is also a recreational ground where the minions can be seen havinga party. There are several activitys there and several more things in there like a bar.

Plots In The Films[]

Despicable Me[]

Gru, after hearing about Vector's theft of the Pyramid of Giza, heads to his lab to discuss his own plan of stealing the Moon with the Minions.

Later on, Gru went down here again to check on Dr. Nefario's progress with the Cookie Robots, but is surprised by the Boogie Robots. He is further surprised when he discovered that the girls made their way down there.

After Mr. Perkins of the Bank of Evil refused to give Gru the funds for his plan, Gru went down the lab to tell the minions the bad news. However, the girls and minions contributes whatever money they had on them. Gru, inspired, sacrifices parts of his lair to construct a spacecraft.

Despicable Me 2[]

Having reformed, Gru reorganizes the function of his lab, intending to make a line of delicious jams and jellies. The minions shipped lots of fruits and Dr. Nefario began work on a new jelly formula, only for the jelly to taste terrible.

Missing being evil, Dr. Nefario decides to resign from Gru's employment. In honor of his years of service, Gru and the minions gave him the proper sendoff, with seven minions firing their Fart Guns three times.

After the massive kidnap of Minions and being turn into Evil Minions, El Macho relases one which arrives to Gru's House; Margo and Agnes, who happen to be alone there, rush into the lab to refuge, however, the evil minion manages breaks in, but is suddenly stopped by Dr. Nefario with an antidote, he later turns all the stored jelly into antidote to stop Eduardo's scheme.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Minion Mayhem[]

Part of Gru's lab appears in the beginning of Minion Mayhem. This is the location where the new recruits are Minionized by Kevin and sent down to the Minion Traning Grounds.

Minion Rush[]

Gru's laboratory also appeared as the first level in the mobile game Minion Rush. This level boss is Vector.



  • It is unknown where the Minion's quarters are at.
  • The distance between this underground lab to Gru's House is unknown, but it seems to take some time to get down even with a very fast elevator, and Gru can place his rocket inside it.


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