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Gru's Lair is an option in Minion Rush. There are several rooms (always available and time-limited) to complete missions. Most of them award stars to help a player upgrade in Agent Rank. Rooms in Floors 1-3 can be complete in three parts and the player can earn one, two or three stars. The tasks difficulty increases as the player goes for two or three stars. After the task is complete, a special star-Pod opens, revealing a number of banana coins and costume cards. The more stars, the better the rewards. Also, the higher the room, the more the costume cards! Tasks in Rooms 1-4 can be skipped by paying 12 tokens. All available rooms host random areas where the given task can be played. Every time a task is finished (regardless of the stars collected) or skipped, the host area changes. Some time-limited events cannot host more than one area.


  • Omniscience Room (Floor 4)
  • Train Station (Floor 3)
  • Armory Room (Floor 2)
  • Inventing Room (Floor 1)
  • Despicable Ops (divided into chapters)
  • Top Bananas Room
  • Special Mission Room (Time-Limited)
  • Quest Room (Time-Limited)
  • Daily Challenge Room