Gru's Lab
Full Name Gru's Lab
Available Yes
Secret area Disco Room

Gru's Lair (formerly known as Gru's Lab) is a location in Minion Rush. It is available in the game by default.


Gru's Lair is, as mentioned above, the first location featured in Minion Rush, and is where the player learns how to play the game. Despite this, the lab features many obstacles that the Minion must avoid. These include moving black objects, electric fences that span across the entire path, rolling rockets, etc.

There are also narrow pathways which cause the screen to move into a different view while the playable Minion must continue to dodge obstacles. Minions here can be found running around, using the Fart Gun, or simply standing on the edges of the pathway, which can be ran into for a Despicable Bonus.

Vector will appear as a boss randomly once Gru gives the player a goal to defeat him. The Disco Room is the secret area of this location. It can be entered by nearing a split path, with one regular path on the left and a transparent tube on the right. It is easier to identify the tube since one Banana Vacuum can be found above it. Dropping down onto this tube will make the player's Minion follow it, which opens a door to the Disco Room. The player's Minion can then collect a lot of Bananas inside until he reaches the regular path once more. 


Before the Jelly Lab update, there's a featured soundtrack played as background music in the home page in Gru's Lair. Now, it's used in Jelly Lab as background music.



  • Some reactions for minions' fail are more seen in Gru's Lair and don't exist in some other locations.
    • Being shock by electric web and occasionally dancing like a robot
    • Falling into a void
    • Tripping on some rolling rockets
    • Being tossed into the air by a small rocket
    • Hitting a small rocket and screaming in horror then smiles
    • Being bonked by a toppled rocket
    • Hitting a saw and becoming confused
    • Being defeated by Vector