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Minion Rush Rocket

Gru's Rocket is an item in Minion Rush. It is a green and white rocket that presumably belongs to Gru. After unlocking it, Gru's Rocket will randomly appear in runs covered by a green aura. If the player's Minion runs into it, he will climb aboard the rocket as it dashes a great distance for a few seconds.

Gru's Rocket

The player can tilt the screen left and right to collect Bananas along the way. In the previous versions (Jelly Lab and before) it could be purchased and upgraded in the Shop. Now, this power-up is not available as stand-alone gadget, but is upgradable via some costume upgrades. 

Gru's Rocket is very helpful where missions require distance. Some costumes that feature this power-up can enhance its duration up to 44s. Currently, the best costume to use for getting distance quickly is Striker.



  • When flying on it, the minion screams an annoying sound throughout the entire ride. Some times, however, when picking up the rocket, the minion will make no sound. 
  • Gru's Rocket, along with the Fluffy Unicorn, the Mega Minion and The Moon, occasionally will spawn right in front of an obstacle (due to the fact that they warp the player to a mini game, unlike other items). Therefore, if the player misses these items, it will result in crashing into the obstacle behind it and failing the run.
  • In Update 2.0.1. (the Jelly Lab Update), Gru's Rocket must be unlocked (if not unlocked previously) on level 13.
  • Unlike how the rocket flies over slides, the player will always be instantly dismounted from Gru's Rocket when nearing a secret/special area in their location, except for the one in El Macho's Lair
  • However, the rocket will still fly over slides, but only certain ones.