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Hacked Holidays was a special mission in Minion Rush that began on December 4th, 2018.

This was the third official special mission after the new game format came. Levels are no longer in a form of pipes. The new update comes with Rooms and the room for the special mission is now called Seasonal Room located a level below 1. The seasonal room is not permanent and vanishes after the end of the special mission.

In this mission, the objective items were Trouble Gum, Bratt Packs and Floppy Disks. It was comprised of six Stages, each one having 5 Milestones to reach. The total number of items that need to be collected is 8,640, slightly fewer than previously. The prizes offered included Tokens, Coins, Fevers, Costume Cards, "Hacked Holidays" Pods and Trophies as souvenir.

The host area was Holiday Lab, a modified Jelly Lab with Christmas decorations and snow in the background. The fever was called Cyber Fever.

Hacked Holidays was the first mission of the 6.2.1 update. Actually, the original mission began during 6.2.0 update, which didn't last long, because it had issues. While the market was on, cards for Island Hopper, Baker, Fairy Princess, Coder (the update's new offered costume), Spy, Jungle and Minionaire were offered as well as "Hacked Holidays" Prize pods and Banana Coins. The currency in the Market for all items is Market Tickets.