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The Halloween Volcano is a time-limited, specially decorated, Halloween version of The Volcano in Minion Rush. It is very similar to the Residential at Night, which also has pumpkins everywhere, but instead of cars and other obstacles related to the Halloween Residential Area, it features obstacles such as cupcakes (instead of small stones), graveyard versions of minions with small candles on them (instead of big stones), doughnut wheels with minions in them (instead of wooden cages), there are still wooden and grassed platforms, but they have a scary face on them, same with those logs that are on the entire path that can be jumped over or slid under, big eye candy instead of rolling logs and more. Its secret area is similar to the Volcano, only instead of lava there is purple liquid. It first appeared during the Special Mission "Gingerbread House" at the beginning of the update 7.5.0 on November 3, 2020.


  • While riding the Fluffy Unicorn, instead of an erupting Volcano, there's a gingerbread house instead.
  • The minion reactions for fails are actually the same, unlike in the Halloween Residential Area.
  • It was the first time a Halloween-themed Special Mission began after the actual Halloween festivities were over (end of October).
  • Just like the Halloween Residential Area, there are fog clouds seen all throughout the run.
  • The sky is purple instead of blue, the waterfall may be blue but the purple sky is reflecting on it. All lava here even in the minecart ride is purple.
  • Also throughout the run, a wolf can be heard, howling for a scary night.



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