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Herb's Laser Enlarger is one of the gadgets Herb Overkill owns in the film Minions. Herb refers it as his ''ultimate weapon'' as a nickname and it's his unfinished work.


The gadget locates in the lab in Scarlet's Castle. It is a red sphere with some triggers in it, and there's a door of the room of the gadget. It is also connected to several complicated machines.


Minions enter Herb's Lab and they are about to go into it out of curiosity, Herb stops them and says called it as his ultimate weapon but it only leaks radiation in normal times.

Later, during the fight against villains who want to catch him, Kevin activates the ultimate weapon accidentally by pushing a button, flipping a switch, pulling a lever, and blow into a detector; which eventually turns him into a giant and destroyes the castle.


  • Somehow the effect of enlarging can be removed by explosion for unknown mechanism, but such phenomenon only works on living creatures instead of normal objects, as shown on what happens to Kevin.


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