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  • Herb gave nicknames to Kevin, Stuart, and Bob while giving them gear for their mission in stealing the crown of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Unlike Scarlet, Herb never shows any anger towards the Minions, indicating that he is a calm person.
  • Herb also doesn't seem to be serious either, such as when he was supposed to torture the Minions but ended up goofing off with them instead.
  • In Minions, Herb's age is 42, when it takes place in 1968. In Minions 2: The Rise Of Gru, he would be 50, However, as of Despicable Me, which takes place 42 years later, Herb (if he is still alive) would be around 84. and in 2024, (if he is still alive) would be 98 years old, which is almost 100.
  • Scarlet and Herb by kidnapped from his girls in inprison by saving Poppy and Gru. Jr and jali again.