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Holiday Lab is a time-limited location in Minion Rush, it serves as the Christmas version of Gru's Lab. Holiday Lab was first available in version 1.5.0 in December 2013.


In the location, tracks are snowy and slides are covered by ice; all obstacles, and the whole background are replaced by items of winter or Christmas content, such as snowplows or Christmas tree lights.

For the next three years, the area to host Christmas and New Year's holidays was The Arctic Base, introduced in the following Christmas in 2014 (except for The Mall in 2016). In December 6th 2017, however, the Holiday Lab came back in version 5.1.0 and some later updates during Christmas. During these updates, Gru's Lab and Holiday Lab areas are not available simultaneously.



  • The Disco Area with Christmas decorations in this location was available only in version 1.5.0. The Snowy Slide secret area was available in versions 5.1.0 and all later times and looks very similar to the Minion Sled mini-game (discontinued for iOS and Android).
  • The Holiday version of the Vector battle was only available in update 1.5.0.
  • During Mega Minion mode, enemy Minions are dressed as Santa Minion.


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