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Hollywood is a location that appeared at Despicable Me 3, it has been attacked by Balthazar Bratt in retribution because his show Evil Bratt was cancelled.


Despicable Me 3

After Balthazar Bratt kidnaps Agnes Gru, Edith Gru and Margo Gru, Bratt and Clive put them into the Giant Robot. Felonius Gru, Dru Gru and Lucy Wilde board the airship beacuse they knew the girls we're kidnapped by Bratt. Bratt's giant robot emerged from the sea at nearby of beach, he not only attacked the beach, but he also attacked the land areas. He shooting bubble gums around the city as people fearfully panic and run. Bratt place the girls and Lucky on the ledge of a skyscraper. Dru, Gru and Lucy arrived to see Bratt's robot attacking the city. Dru saw the giant robot, and said he will send the city to outer space soon. Bratt stomps the sign and leave the 3 letters alone. He used the robot's diamond-powered laser to cut off the city so he can send it to outer space. Agnes Gru screamed, and Lucy Wilde heared so she jumped. Bratt just keep shooting the laser, and Clive saw Gru and Dru so he screamed, later the giant robot was damaged beacuse Gru and Dru shot missiles from his car. Bratt's giant robot woke up later, and Bratt sended Bratt Packs to bring down Dru and Gru's plane. Gru and Dru leaped out of the aircraft before it crashes and then explodes. Bratt thinks they died so he said goodbye with Clive.

Gru fell and lie on the street unconscious. Bratt continued to shoot lasers as the Minions arrive. Lucy resuced the girls and Lucky. The Minions parachute out of their aircraft and onto the expanding gum. Dru broke into the robot. He noticed that Bratt begins to firing the laser towards Gru. Before the beam can reach him, Dru destroys the robot's generator and causing it to collapse.

When Gru searches for his brother, he comes to face with Bratt, and before he use his Keytar to blast him away, Gru proposes a dance fight. After a dance fight, Bratt is finally defeated.

Gru found Dru later. Lucy Wilde, the girls and Lucky are coming near Gru and Dru. But they heard the explosion at bubble, and all Minions fall near Gru. Later, they all go home to Gru's House with Dru.