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Home Makeover is a computer-animated short film from Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures. The plot revolves around Miss Hattie's Home for Girls sending someone round to make sure that Gru's House is fit for children.

The short was released as a part of Minion Madness and as a bonus feature on the Despicable Me Blu-ray.



A minion is seemingly cut by a falling ax

After a call from Miss Hattie's Home for Girls, Margo pretends to be Gru and then she is informed that a The Social Worker is coming for checking the safety of the house while their foster father, Gru, is not home. Soon, she and her sisters, Edith, and Agnes, enlist the help of the Minions to clean up Gru’s house before a social worker makes an unexpected visit to check on the house’s suitability for kids.

Apparently, a super villain’s house is hardly the place for children, but the solutions the girls come up with are hilarious: Edith and Gerald are placing tennis balls over the spikes in the coffin, Dave takes the pins off the voodoo doll, Vincent is putting a clown nose on the dining room skull, Mason and Devin use the shrink ray to shrink the weapons, Frank is painting the walls pink with a paint-filled bazooka, among other things. The Social Worker is satisfied with the place until Gru comes home and the social worker is confused wich is making Adien sweaty and runs away and makes the fake "Mr. Gru" headless wich made the social worker passed out. When Gru sees the results and the house he also passes out. That’s to be expected considering they made it all “girly.”


Miranda Cosgrove as Margo

Dana Gaier as Edith

Elsie Fisher as Agnes

Pierre Coffin as Minions/Social Worker

Home Video[]


  • Despicable Me Presents: Minion Madness
  • Illumination 9 Mini-Movie Collection
  • Illumination Presents: 10 Minion Mini-Movies



  • If one looks closely at the social worker's report, he/she can see a note saying that "The adoptive parent is a little strange-looking. He has a big yellow head and short legs. Poor guy."
  • This is the first Illumination's direct-to-video short film.
  • Unlike the other two shorts (which take place before the events of the movie), this short takes place after the film's events.
  • This is the only short film in Minion Madness to feature characters other than the Minions.
  • It is implied that this short film takes place at some point during Despicable Me as Margo still refers to Gru as "Mr Gru".


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