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Sweet liquid gold!
— The game description
Honeybee hive

Hoenybee Hive, the place to make honey

Honey is a resource made in Minions Paradise. It takes 2 hours to produce honey in the Honeybee Hive.


If fully unlocked, three minions ( Pablo, Ross and Edgar ) can make three honey together. When they are working, it can be seen that one of the minions Ross is collecting honey with a ladle while another one Edgar is eating honey in a jar, and the other minion Pablo is trying to get rid of a jar stuck on his hands.

Sometimes, Ross is too greedy and he goes under the hive and collect honey with his jar directly. So Edgar knocks the hive and a swarm of bees chase him around, wich causes him to scream and rush around and bump into the other minion Pablo, which makes the stuck jar leaves his hands.