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The Hypno-Hat is a gadget used by Stuart in Minions. Herb Overkill gives this gadget to Stuart to help stealing Queen Elizabeth II's crown.


Herb gives the gadget to Stuart so he can steal the crown. Not knowing what it is at first, Stuart accidentally hypnotizes Bob and Kevin. The Minions enter the palace and when they are caught by guards, Stuart hypnotizes them into taking off their clothes and dancing, allowing him and his compatriots to sneak past the guards. Stuart attempted to use it on the Blind Tower Guard when he found them trying to steal the crown, but due to his blindness and the Hypno-Hat's hypnotic brainwaves only working on people who can see, it is ineffective. Stuart later lost the Hat when the glass case containing the crown sunk into the ground, and when the Minions tried to follow it, the Hat wouldn't fir through the hole in the floor.

Stuart was later seen again with the Hypno-Hat in the credits, implying Herb built another model or Stuart simply reclaimed the original.


  • Herb describes it as "his coolest invention ever".
  • It seems the Hypno-hat is ineffective on blind people, as shown with the Blind Tower Guard.


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