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The Super Mario Bros Movie crossover promo is a promotional video made to promote the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. It features characters from various Illumination animated films.


Various Illumination characters arrive to a movie theater to attend a showing of The Super Mario Bros Movie. Upon seeing how long the line is to get in, Gru prepares to use his freeze ray on the queuers, but Margo stops him and shows him a QR code on her phone, which can be scanned to get into the theater faster. They then enter the lobby, and ahead of them are some of the main characters from Sing. Buster Moon holds out his phone displaying a QR code for an usher to scan. Miss Crawly holds out an older phone, which is scanned as well.

As the Minions get popcorn, a young Grinch steals some from Bob. As the Grinch and his dog Max enter the theater, Max calls out to the main characters from The Secret Life of Pets, who come out of hiding and follow him. Everyone takes their seats in the theater and looks to the screen as the movie starts.