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Iron maiden

The Iron Maiden is one of the booby traps Gru places in his house in Despicable Me. It creates the illusion of an object being impaled.


Despicable Me[]

When Margo, Edith and Agnes arrives in Gru's House, Edith goes into the maiden out of curiosity when Margo questions about the safety of the house to Gru. When Gru sees what Edith is doing, he tries to stop her, but he sees red liquid leaking out of the maiden, which makes Margo and Agnes gasp.

Gru thinks Edith is dead in the maiden and believes that he can still work with remaining two daughters, but Edith says the maiden is dark with a broken juice box that was poked by a nail.

Home Makeover[]

Edith places some tennis balls on the nail of the maiden to disguise it, in order to deceive The Social Worker that their house is suitable for children.