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Rare image of Jean-Clawed
Status Incarcerated
Species Human
Giant Baboon
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black

Member of the Vicious 6


Robotic lobster claw Crab Mech


Belle Bottom
Wild Knuckles (deceased) (formerly)


Felonious Gru


Minions: The Rise of Gru
Despicable Me 4 (cameo)

Voiced by

Jean-Claude Van Damme

"Were coming for you, tiny man!"
— Jean Clawed threatening Gru

Jean-Clawed is a French supervillain and a notable member of the Vicious 6. He is one of the main antagonists of Minions: The Rise of Gru. As his last name suggests, he has a robotic lobster claw for a right arm.


Jean-Clawed is a male with short black hair has a dark gray bowler hat. He wears a white and black pinstriped sweater with dark gray jeans. He also has a red robotic lobster claw on his right arm and black heeled boots.


Minions: The Rise of Gru[]

After Wild Knuckles stole the Zodiac Stone from an ancient temple in China, Jean Clawed and the other members of the Vicious 6 betrayed their leader and take the zodiac stone for themselves. Much later during Gru's interview with the group, he mistook the boy for a man with a small stature and then laughed at him since Gru couldn't be a member due to being a kid. After Gru was dismissed, another villain came in for the interview but his jetpack began spiraling out of control. Jean Clawed then proceeded to help his allies in bringing him down, however he failed to notice that Gru had stolen the Zodiac Stone. Upon discovering this, the former then proceeded to chased him, Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Otto with the others for the stone. Belle Bottom then grapples her chain onto Gru's motorbike and Jean Clawed held onto it with her. He then tried to stop the motorbike with his claw to no avail. Once they failed to capture Gru, they proceeded to return to their lair where he enters and activates his crab mech to continue the pursuit.

Upon locating Gru's house, Jean-Clawed used his mech's claws to rip open the roof, but he and the others discovered that instead of Gru, only his mother and the Minions (who are in disguise) are there. He and the Vicious 6 then proceeded to San Francisco. During their continuous search for Gru, Jean-Clawed and the other members found out that Wild knuckles is alive, so they proceeded to destroy his house in search of their former leader. Later that night in Chinatown, they found Gru with Otto and took him captive, as well as regain the Zodiac Stone while Otto escaped. When Jean-Clawed and the Vicious 6 were confronted by the AVL along with their leader, Silas Ramsbottom, he was turned into a baboon of muscular structure but kept his claw.

Shortly after scaring off the AVL agents, he later joined with the Vicious 6 in battling Wild Knuckles and the minions, who were also turned into zodiac animals. While he and his fellow members had the upper-hand, he was eventually bested by Bob, who unlocked his inner beast, with the latter giving him a strong head-butt in the groin. During the battle, Jean-Clawed noticed Otto trying to free Gru from a clock tower, after the latter was tied to the clock's face by Belle Bottom. He managed to grab Otto with his claw, shortly after he had untied Gru's left wrist. While giving the Minion a hard squeeze, Jean-Clawed was struck in the head by Gru, who had managed to free himself. This caused the former to loosen his grip on Otto and he fell to the ground below.

Ultimately, Jean-Clawed was defeated along with the Vicious 6 by the Minions and was turned into a rat by Gru, leaving him helpless. He was then arrested by the AVL shortly thereafter and was put in a cage with the Vicious 6.

Despicable Me 4[]

Jean Clawed makes a cameo at the ending of the film. It is revealed that he has been reverted back into a human. While he kept his robotic claw, he is shown to now have grey-white hair.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Robotic Claw: His claw is strong enough to break into concrete and can break anything that is made of earth or metal. This is shown when he snap the chain rope that Wild Knuckles was clinging to, causing him to fall to his supposed death. Another example is when Jean Clawed uses his claw to crush a rock in anger upon seeing that Gru and the Minions were able to escape.
  • Crab Mech: He is shown to drive his mech with ease. It can walk on walls and has massive claws that are used to grab anything or anyone.