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  • The name 'Jean Clawed' is a pun on Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, who also provided the voice of the character in the film.
    • Both names sound identical when spoken in a French accent.
  • It's unknown how he got his lobster claw in the first place though it's possible he lost his right arm in an accident and got the claw as a replacement, thus giving him his supervillain name, when He became a rat, however, Jean-Clawed’s right arm was still intact.
  • In concept art for the zodiac forms of the Vicious 6, Jean-Clawed's baboon form was relatively unchanged save for his fur being white instead of light and dark orange.
  • According to Varun Nair's concept art of him, Jean Clawed's zodiac animal was originally supposed to be dragon before changed to baboon. The baboon form was supposed to be Stronghold's.