Let's put this horrible jelly to some good use.

The Jelly Gun is a weapon developed by Dr. Nefario to fire globs of Gru's awful-tasting jelly that had a special antidote and mixed it in so that it would turn the Evil Minions back to normal.


The Jelly Guns came in two different versions: handheld automatic guns and larger, rotary cannon-style door guns attached to Gru's Airship. The handheld guns fired the antidote/jelly from jars that attached to the underside of the guns. The rotary cannons were fed ammunition through tubes attached to reservoirs of the jelly mixture mounted to Gru's airship.



  • The pistols bears a slight resemblance to Tec-9, a semi-auto machine pistol that can be converted to full auto and is popular amongst some criminals.
  • It's recoil is small enough for Gru to dual weld a jelly pistol without , but wild enough that Agnes would shake much when firing.


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