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Let's put this horrible jelly to some good use.

The Jelly Gun is a weapon developed by Dr. Nefario for more efficient methods of antidote delivery against the PX-41 mutated subjects.


The Jelly Guns came in two different versions:

  • Portable:
    • These have mounted scopes (never utilized in combat), a muzzle attachment, and an under-barrel grip similar to an automatic shotgun.
    • They accept jelly cans as magazines and have a capacity matching that of real-life assault rifles. Additionally, they are fully automatic.
    • These have a mild amount of recoil when fired, and are fully automatic. They are cocked in a similar fashion to a shotgun when loaded.
  • Mounted
    • Installed in Gru's Airship, it is a heavy-duty weapon with a high rate of fire.
    • It features a rotary barrel and crude iron sights. Ammo is drawn from jelly reserves on the airship.
    • The weapon is operated by a gunner in the designated seat and functions as a turret.



  • The portable counterpart bears a slight resemblance to Tec-9, a semi-auto machine pistol that can be converted to full auto and is popular amongst some criminals.
  • The mounted weapon resembles Gatling Cannons, heavy ballistic weapons with high rates of fire and electric-driven barrels.
  • In real-life, firing such substances with weapons will cause it to clog and fail functioning. It is possible that these weapons utilize sheer pressure (which is impossible, given the size of the rifles) or an unknown driving mechanism to push the jelly globs at velocities comparable to bullets.
    • However, the attacks are actually harmless, as minions don't appear to be hurt when shot.


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