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Jelly Job Levels

Jelly Jobs as seen in Area 3

The Jelly Job was a secondary game mode that existed in Minion Rush.


It was first introduced with the 3.6.0 update, but it wasn't unlocked during the Special Mission until technical issues were fixed.

To activate Jelly Jobs, the player had to access higher than level 50 of Jelly Lab. Once this requirement was achieved, there was a notice from Dr. Nefario (just like all Special Missions) about an issue, so the player had to gain items (varied in different updates) by achieving goals in certain levels.

After the notice, the player found those levels with jelly jobs, and their appearance was slightly changed - a transparent bubble surrounded the level with a floating item. By achieving the goal of originally the third fruit, the player collected the item. When there were enough collected items, a certain number of stamps were obtained; when there were enough stamps, the player was rewarded with prizes, such as Golden/Silver Prize Pods or Blueprint.