— Jerry

Jerry is one of the Minions, appearing in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 3.

A minion by the same name, having a different appearance, appears in Despicable Me 2.


Jerry is a two-eyed minion with short spiky hair.


Jerry is a playful and cheerful minion.


Despicable Me

He appeared when Gru called for him and Stuart, asking them to watch Edith, Agnes and Margo and keep them away from Gru. Later, he and Stuart, together with the girls, play with toilet paper and is caught by Gru. Edith blames Jerry that it was his idea to do that. Jerry said "WHAT!?" loudly, confused. Gru orders the girls to go to bed and then not the Minions, he and Stuart cheer. He also carried Kevin throughout the whole film after Gru shrank him with the shrink ray.

Despicable Me 3

Jerry appears again in the girls' honeymoon party for Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde. He, along with Dave, dresses in a Hawaii-like costume and they sing 'Tiki Tiki Babeloo' together as amusement for the family. Later, after all the other Minions decide to leave Gru, he and Dave are "promoted" since they are the only minions that are tricked into staying with Gru.

Due to this, Dave and Jerry come with the Gru family to see Dru, where they each befriend a pig and often make mischief inside Dru's mansion, such as making fun of a female statue that strongly resembles Gru.


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  • Jerry's best known quote "WHAT!?" became a fairly popular internet meme.
  • Unlike most of the other Minions in Despicable Me, Jerry was voiced by Jemaine Clement. However, he was voiced by Pierre Coffin in Despicable Me 3.
  • Jerry Is currently one of only two minions that never went to State Prison, with Dave being the other.


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