Jerry is one of the Minions.


Jerry is a short and plump Minion with spiky hair and two eyes.


Jerry is very sensitive as seen when Kevin teases him for being a coward. He is also easily got scared when he hear any strange noises like when he heard a noise which is only a cat looking out throught the garbage. He loves to play his guitar as seen at the beach.


Despicable Me 2

Jerry along with the minions are having a large ice cream party. He and Kevin are then asked by Gru to watch the girls and put them to sleep.

After Jerry sings them a lullaby, they decide to play golf. The ball is planted on Jerry's mouth, but instead of hitting the ball, Kevin plans to hit Jerry on the head. However, their game is interrupted by a strange noise. Kevin and a terrified Jerry go outside to see what is causing the noise, but it's just a cat looking through their garbage can. Kevin laughs at Jerry for being so scared, which caused Jerry to start a fight with him. A light shining from above interrupts their fight. Kevin then proceeded to release Jerry, which caused him to float up into the light.

Some time later, he is seen at the beach (which is actually a part of Eduardo's Lab) playing his guitar.

In the final battle of the movie, Jerry, who was turned into an Evil Minion, enters a rocket that was going to target New York, but is turned back into a normal Minion and sings I Swear with Kevin, Stuart and Dave.

Appearances in Other Media

Minion Rush

In May 4, 2015, Gameloft company announced that Jerry will become the third minion available in Despicable Me: Minion Rush. Before then, there had two minions available already, Dave and Carl.

As of May 6, 2015 of Update 2.8.1, Jerry was released as the third playable minion. Much like with Carl, he used to cost $19.99. However, in the current version it is available to unlock for 40 costume cards and 1 coin.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Cost 40 cards / 1 coin 20 cards / 500 coins 40 cards / 1,200 coins 100 cards / 3,300 coins
Passive Ability The Fluffy Unicorn spawns 10% more often The Fluffy Unicorn spawns 20% more often The Fluffy Unicorn spawns 30% more often The Fluffy Unicorn spawns 40% more often
Power-Up duration 10s 14s 18s 22s
SP's given 20 10 15 25
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Cost 200 cards / 7,600 coins 400 cards / 17,300 coins 800 cards / 39,200 coins 1,600 cards / 88,000 coins
Passive Ability The Fluffy Unicorn spawns 50% more often The Fluffy Unicorn spawns 60% more often The Fluffy Unicorn spawns 70% more often The Fluffy Unicorn spawns 80% more often
Power-Up duration 26s 30s 34s 38s
SP's given 35 70 115 175


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  • Jerry is the second Minion to be abducted, after Tom.
  • When Jerry jumps over obstacles in Minion Rush, he sometimes jumps with wide arms and closed eyes. His move was previously designed as jumping in the same direction and sometimes opposite.
  • Jerry's original coin price was 800, but the game makers changed it to 1 coin to help all players unlock it easier.
  • In the previous version, Jerry was a separate character in the game and had a unique spot in the Shop. Carl, Jerry and Mel didn't have costumes like Dave did but they had hats. Now all the characters have been unified under the Wardrobe section.
  • Jerry's old power (in the previous version) was additional time for all Power-Ups.


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