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Jerry is one of the Minions. He is a new minion that is going to be a AVL agent and Mega Minion in Despicable Me 4. In the Japanese Second Trailer. a S.W.A.T Guy Is trying to defuse a bomb and Mega Jerry steps in only to eat the bomb and It explodes inside him causing a bit of smoke to come out of his mouth, while the crowd cheers him for saving them and then he makes an explosive burp, causing the crowd and police cars to get flung and damaged and then Jerry smiles afterwards. In the credits, after Stuart shoots him.

He Is seen with a bunch of toy bullets in His mouth and eats them, and glows Like a lightbulb.

Mega Jerry scares Ron then laughs but then Ron returns with the SR-6 and then shrinks Mega Jerry for scaring him.


Jerry is a one eyed minion with spiky hair.

In Mega Minion form he gained the ability to eat whatever he wants, also he has a rock textured body.


He was one of the minions along with Dave, Gus, Mel and Tim to be volunteers of the experiment.


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  • He looks like Carl.
  • He was commonly mistaken to be Carl.
  • He was featured on the Las Vegas Sphere to promote Despicable Me 4.
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