John is one of the Minions.


John is a one eyed minion with combed hair. He is dressed as a referee during the credits.


Despicable Me

During the end credits, he appears measuring which minion can go the farthest Tim and Carl keep on fighting so he tells them to stop but then he left after he is annoyed for them not stopping despite saying "Stop! Stop!". Then, he is shown being shot out of a cannon by two other minions, although he later crashes through the screen. Then he ends up being in an unknown world. He does hand puppets but when doing his hand puppet impression of Gru, First he said: "Wank! Wank!" Then the Bird Puppet and he played The Puppet Gru which he said: "Hello, I am Gru. Back to Work! Back to Work! Back to-" but then he didn't noticed that Gru walks and noticed him then he gets caught by Gru and walks away. When John walked away Gru laughed off his puppet imitation of him.



  • When John is in the unknown area, his hat is gone. Though, it could've been possible that his hat fell off.
  • Gru laughed when John walked away after playing the puppet imitation of his quotes.
  • When John is launched by the cannon, some negatives can be seen during his flying. Judging from this, while what John goes afterwards can be a projector of the movie, it's possible that Gru is watching.
  • A costume in Minion Rush (Referee Costume) may be a reference to him.


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