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Jolly Christmas was a special mission in Minion Rush that began on December 6th, 2017. It was the first part of a new series called Seasonal Event.

In this episode, the objective items were Christmas Stockings, Gingerbread Men and Christmas Bells, and prizes like perks, prize pods, golden tickets, market tickets, tokens, Mel and Island Hopper cards were offered.

The host area was a holiday-themed Gru's Lab called Holiday Lab. The new fever was called Festive Fever.

Dave's new offered costume was Holiday Sweater and appeared only in the market at the price of 7,000 market tickets. Also, Island Hopper appeared in the market for 500 market tickets for new players who haven't bought it yet.

In this episode the two-lap format was reinstated.

It was the first time after four years that the Holiday Lab came back. It was originally seen in the pre-jelly lab version 1.5.0 and since then, Christmas and New Year's holidays were hosted at The Arctic Base.

Jolly Christmas was available in the main 5.1.0 update.