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Jorge (or Josh) is one of the minions.


Jorge is a short, two-eyed, plump minion with spiky hair. In Mooned, he grew extra spikes on his forehead.


Despicable Me[]

Under Gru's lab, Jorge is seen taking multiple photocopies of his butt with Stuart and Tom there with him as well. While they were all looking at the pictures, the trio started laughing. When Gru's Airship returned to its original size, it flung the picture of Jorge's hand and the picture of Jorge's butt started hanging from the tail.

After Gru kissed his newly adopted daughters goodnight. A lot of his minions wanted it as well, Jorge was seen as one of them. After Gru kissed Dave and two other minions (possibly Jerry and Tim), Dave pushed in and after Gru knew that Dave pushed in, Jorge punched Dave's back.

Despicable Me 3[]

Jorge was one of the two minions (other is Carl) to join Felonius Gru and Lucy Wilde to stop Balthazar Bratt, Jorge forces Carl to keep peddling but they ended up on a beach and start acting like DJs.

later he appeared in the prison scene at the number 069.

Saturday Morning Minions[]

Jorge appears in some episodes


  • Jorge is similar to Jerry.
  • He is mistaken to be Brad.