Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Ginger

Justin's Father


Justin's Mother


Despicable Me

Justin is a minor character that appears in the opening scene of Despicable Me, climbing out of a packed tour bus among several tourists and his parents. While his mother keeps him on a child safety collar, his father tells the mother to take a picture of him "holding up the pyramid", and proceeds to pose.

Meanwhile, Justin slips from the collar and continues toward the pyramid, pretending his plane is real and imitating plane noises. He continues up a rickety looking wooden slope as two Egyptian policemen try and stop him from falling off the edge. Much to his mother's horror, Justin falls down toward the pyramid. But instead of a rocky fate, Justin is met by a squishy inflatable pyramid, which bounced him off into the air.

Justin seems to care about planes more than anything else, as when he is flying through the air, the only thing that concerns him is the fact that his plane is "flying". Justin's mother attempts to catch him, but he lands on his unsuspecting father instead. Afterwards, the pyramid deflates, making Justin the boy who accidentally revealed the stealing of the real pyramid.


[Considering the fact his father has a cowboy hat on, and [wikipedia:Sweet Home Alabama|Sweet Home Alabama]] is played in the tour bus, his family may be from the south-eastern region of the United States.


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