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Kurt "Kaori" the II, most known as Kurt, is inspired in Finn and Arthur close friend.

Possible photo of Kaori in his attack form

Kurt "Kaori" the II is one of the Minions in Who's Who?

But honestly, his name can be anything ending with "rt". Who in gods name decided on kurt? why not Abert Adalbert Adelbert Ailbert Albert Algert Alvert Ambert Anthoniheart Art Aubert Baart Bart Beaufort Benhart Bernhart Bernhort Bert Besart Bhavkirt Binhnart Birt Bleart Bogart Bookert Bourneart Burt Calbert Calvert Cebert Clebert Cobert Colbert Comfort Cort Court Covert Cubert Curt Cuthbert Dalbert Dalhart Dart Delbert Deomart Dewart Dilbert Donart Duart Duurt Eagleheart Ebert Edbert Edgbert Edwart Egbert Eilert Elbert Ellert Elvert Embert Emert Emmert Engelbert Erhart Ethelbert Eubert Evart Evert Ewart Ewert Filbert Fort Gambert Geert Gerhart Gert Gibert Gierhort Gilbert Guilbert Gurkeert Gurkirt Gursirt Gwitart Gysbert Habert Halbert Harbert Harcourt Harkeert Hart Heart Hebert Herbert Herwart Hilbert Hildegart Hobart Hobert Holbert Hubart Hubbert Hubert Huburt Huebert Huibert Hulbert Humbert Hurbert Huubert Ijmert Ilbert Ishnoort Jacobrobert Jaemart Jamesrobert Jaskirt Jilbert Johnalbert Johnrobert Jolbert Jonrobert Josgart Joshuarobert Justinrobert Kert Kirt Klajvert Kort Kourt Kunobert Kurt Lamart Lambert Larobert Lavert Leart Lebert Leendert Lenert Lennart Lennert Leoart Leonhart Levert Lilbert Lockhart Lubert Luvert Margart Margeart Margert Mart Meindert Melbert Melfert Mert Milbert Mort Mozart Myrt Nerbert Nevart Nobert Nolbert Norbert Obert Odbert Orbert Osbert Philbert Philibert Pontharort Port Prabhkirt Quirt Rabert Rainhart Rambert Raybert Raymart Rebert Rebort Reinhart Rembert Rhisiart Rhobert Rinehart Robart Robbert Robeert Roberrt Robert Robrt Roburt Rodert Roert Romart Rourt Rpbert Rubert Rupert Ruppert Rykert Seabert Sebert Seibert Selbert Severt Shelbert Shkurt Siebert Sievert Sivert Spirt Steuart Stewart Stuart Sturt Suchart Syart Tagert Taggart Taggert Talbert Thelbert Tolbert Umbert Walbert Welbert Wert Wilbert Wilburt Willbert Williamrobert Winbert Wirt Yosgart or Zelbert????

His appearance is as mystery, he might look like Kevin, but beware, if you call him Kevin que will come at you with all of his strength.