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Kyle's Secret Life was a special mission in Minion Rush that began on May 7th, 2019.

In this mission, the objective items are Dog Cones, Toy Bones and Leashes. It is comprised of six Stages, each one having 5 Milestones to reach. The total number of items that need to be collected is 8,640. The prizes offered include Tokens, Coins, Fevers, Costume Cards, "Kyle's Secret Life" Prize Pods and Trophies as souvenir.

The host area was a modified Residential Area. There's Toys-themed graffiti all over the place, showing lots of different toys and paint splashes on the walls and ground. The fever was called "Kyle's Secret Life" Fever. As before, since finding an original name is not so easy, Gameloft decided to use the same name as the title of the special mission.

Kyle's Secret Life was the first mission of the 6.5.0 update. While the market was on, cards for Superhero, Bride of Frankenstein,  Cleopatra, Spy, Green, Fairy Princess, Tortilla Chip Hat and Starfish were offered as well as "Kyle's Secret Life" Prize pods, Banana Coins and Fever Upgration. The currency in the Market for all items is Market Tickets.