Lance is one of the Minions.


Lance is a small one-eyed minion with buzz-cut hair.


Lance enjoys humming as shown when he is cleaning the door in Gru's house.


Despicable Me 2

When Phil is kidnapped by Dr. Nefario while he is vacuuming the carpeted floor, Lance is the minion with the cloth tied on his head, carrying a bucket of cleaning supplies. He appears after Phil is gone, and he notices that the vacuum cleaner is left on, the room is in a mess and the door is open. Curious, he looks outside through the door, but since there is no one there he closes the door; soon, he opens it again to clean the door knob.

Lance is also the minion that is placing some newspapers or magazines on a table in front of where Gru sat. Gru is looking through some pictures of El Macho on his laptop. Halfway through the pictures, his laptop has lost internet connection. He called out for Kevin several times to fix it but there is no response. Annoyed, Gru asks Lance where Kevin is. Lance just shrugs, blows a raspberry and walks away not knowing that Kevin is kidnapped, as he is one of the only few minions who has not been kidnapped and turned evil.

It is possible that Lance is the DJ Minion who appears during Gru and Lucy’s wedding.



  • Lance doesn't talk in the film.


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