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Larry (or Lary) is one of the Minions.


Larry is a two-eyed minion with spiky hair. He is shown with combed hair in one shot though.


Despicable Me

In Despicable Me, when Gru assembles the minions, he greets Larry after Kevin. Larry and Tim later help Gru steal the Shrink Ray.


Larry is seen typing the word banana, and tries to get the banana from his chest, but his one eyed co-worker, Darwin, wants to share the banana. Later, Paul tries to stop the fight, but notices the banana.

Larry and the other minions fight with the banana in a rocket factory. He and Darwin got picked up by two cranes. Steve presses the button and the cranes releases Larry and Darwin, but releases the rockets too.

Larry and the other minions are now being chased by other minions and ends up losing the banana, but later, they chase another minion with an apple.

In Despicable Me, Larry and Tim help Gru steal the Shrink Ray.

Orientation Day

He can be seen on the videos.

Despicable Me 2

Gru passes the jelly to Larry then he ate some and passed it to Jon.


  • Larry looks just like Tom.