The Laser Gun is one of the many weapons that Gru is known to use.                            


Despicable Me

Edith playfully points the laser gun at Gru briefly before Gru snatches it away from her. She obliterates Agnes' old unicorn with it.

Despicable Me 2

Gru uses his laser gun to cut a hole into the roof of the kitchen at the Salsa & Salsa. His opening saves himself and Lucy Wilde from being caught by Eduardo Perez.


  • The first and second movie had drastic changes regarding the Laser gun.
    • In the first film, it is stationed at a ceiling of Gru's lab, and is not portable, which hints that it's a prototype. It also looks like a rifle, but in the second film, it's a pistol, and Gru has made it no longer a prototype.


Despicable Me
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