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The Lava Lamp Gun is a gadget developed by Herb Overkill in Minions. He gives one to Kevin to help in stealing Queen Elizabeth II's crown in London, England. Scarlet Overkill owns a bigger model.


The Lava Lamp Gun can be used to destroy obstacles, as Kevin shoots some lava at the safe the crown is kept in, and when he does this, the door melts and allows the Minions to see the crown.

The Blind Tower Guard prevents them from stealing the crown, so Kevin attempts to shoot lava at the guard, but the guard plugs the gun with his walking stick. Soon the lava gun explodes and the Tower Guard is trapped in a medieval helmet.

As Kevin, along with other Minions, follow the crown as it is being taken away from the tower, the gun is seemingly left inside.

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Scarlet with her Lava Lamp Gun

After Bob accidentally becomes the king of England, Scarlet angrily rushes to Buckingham Palace and points her big lava gun at the Minions, but she is disturbed by a playful dog Corgi in the Buckingham palace, and Bob later abdicates in favor of her.


  • It is the second weapon that Herb Overkill gives to the minions.
  • According to Herb, it shoots real lava. In real life, it's impossible for a portable material to hold lava since it will melt the weapon.


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