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In the beginning of each films, there are different variants of Illumination. The variants feature minions appearing before the film starts.

Title Variant Image Releasesd
Despicable Me A one-eyed minion (Stuart) sees the screen and says hello, but the logo reveals and the lights disturb the minion. The minion is now deaf from the light in which he falls into the floor and tries to move. July 9, 2010
Hop A one-eyed minion (Stuart) is embarrassed looking at the screen. A different minion (who is two-eyed) (Dave) dresses as an easter bunny and drops candy from the basket. Then he asks the other minion but refuses to. April 1, 2011
The Lorax Two minions (Stuart and Phil) try to use a chainsaw on a Truffula Tree, but as they activate the chainsaw, a Bar-Ba-Loot falls onto one of the minions. The Bar-Ba-Loot eats two apples while the orchestra plays. March 2, 2012
Despicable Me 2 Two minions (Stuart and Tom) wanted to say "Ta Da!" into the screen, but they fight over it. June 13, 2013
Minions Five minions (Carl, Dave, Stuart, Jerry and Phil or Tom) sing the Universal fanfare, but one of them sang it very badly in which he falls into the floor. July 10, 2015
The Secret Life Of Pets / Minions: The Rise of Gru Trailer Bob is seen singing until he shouts Illumination when he sees the logo. July 8, 2016
The Secret Life Of Pets (Deleted Intro) A one-eyed minion Stuart tries to make the dog catch the ball, but when he sees 5 bigger dogs, he tosses the ball aside and asks the dogs if they want to catch the ball. The minion screams and runs away as the three dogs follow him. N/A (unused)
Sing Kevin, Stuart, Bob and Mel sing Illumination but Bob screams in which the part of the logo deactivates. December 21, 2016
Despicable Me 3 Kevin tries to say Illumination but gets hit in the head by a flower pot used by Stuart; but Stuart later gets hit by a mallet used by Mel; but Mel gets stunk by a Fart Gun used by Bob. Finally, Bob tries to say Illumination but Mel farts in his face. June 30, 2017
Halloween Intro / The Grinch Trailer Bob turns on a flashlight and says Illumination before cackling. But when the Illumination logo appears, he runs away. N/A (trailer)
Christmas Intro / The Grinch Trailer In a snow setting, a Christmas themed Bob says Illumination while sticking his tongue out while a Christmas themed Kevin and Stuart play the tambourines. N/A (trailer)
The Grinch Bob is holding a firework and says Illumination. Snowball the rabbit comes crashing in the scene, saying "YEAH, ILLUMINATION!" while launching three fireworks, scaring Bob. Three shower holes appear and extinguish the fireworks. Bob thinks Snowball is sad, so he gives his firework to him. November 9, 2018
The Secret Life Of Pets 2 A squishy football bounces near the Illumination logo and 5 dogs try to get it, with Stuart holding onto their leashes and telling them to stop. Stuart sighs in relief that they got the ball, but then it bounces off the dogs, prompting the dogs to get the ball. Stuart shouts Illumination they exit the screen June 7, 2019
Sing 2 Bob sings the Illumination song, followed by Stuart who sings the backing vocals, then Kevin and Stuart both sing the backing vocals, then the whole minions follow them. December 22, 2021
Minions: The Rise Of Gru Stuart is seen swinging on a disco ball which he then gets crushed between two words, "MIN-ION". July 1, 2022
The Super Mario Bros. Movie The text is darkened and seen above a minion named Stuart inside of a rocket-powered go-kart (similar to those in the film and the Mario Kart series). He is behind the starting line, and starts to rev his engine. As the countdown sound from Mario Kart 8 plays, segments of the text light up red like race starting lights, then all light up green. The minion attempts to start the go-kart, only for it to stall out. As that happens, the text turns white. The minion hits the go-kart, making him Blast away yelling the company name. April 7, 2023
Migration As the Universal logo is shown (in shortened version). A Kazoo sound is heard playing the logo’s fanfare. It then shows Kevin (who is seen fishing), Stuart (playing a Guitar) and Bob (playing the Kazoo) sitting in a rock in a Lake and the camera zooms out revealing the studio logo above them. After he finishes playing, Bob says the company name. Then a voice is heard saying “And Now for our Bedtime Story”. The three then sigh happily and the a page turns starting the film December 22, 2023
Despicable Me 4 Bob is seen putting sprinkles on a wall when Stuart came with a sprinkle sprayer, he sprays in the wall forming the Illumination words, Kevin comes in and flips a switch, revealing the text in colorful LED lights. Stuart then sprays on Bob and chases him before doing the same thing to Kevin as well. July 3, 2024


  • Despicable Me variant is the only Illumination variant where the logo makes sound effects, other than letters flickering.
    • The Despicable Me variant is also the Illumination variant with the most glow on the logo.
  • The variant used in The Secret Life of Pets were reused in the end of the Saturday Morning Minions episode and in one of the Minions: The Rise of Gru trailers.
  • The unused variant in The Secret Life Of Pets was most likely reworked in The Secret Life Of Pets 2.
  • Bob appears in Illumination intros more than any other Minion.