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WillIn the Despicable Me franchise, there are different villains (or main antagonists) that appear in every film in the franchise.

Villains (in order of appearance)[]

Despicable Me
Name Appeared in Gender About Defeat Voiced by
Victor "Vector" Perkins Despicable Me Male Son of bank president, Mr Perkins and aspiring supervillain who steals landmarks from all over the world, then later kidnaps Margo, Edith and Agnes after their dance recital, in which Gru have to bring the moon to him, in order to exchange so that he can return the girls back to him, but he refuses. Stranded on the moon after it reverts back to its original size. He escapes but ends up on Mars. Later arrested by the AVL.
Eduardo Perez/El Macho Despicable Me 2 Male A Mexican restaurant owner who is an undercover supervillain who steals the PX-41 to inject the minions which he then plans to conquer the world with all of them mutated. Tasered, then unconscious by a smell from fart gun after drinking PX-41 before reverting and arrested by the AVL.
Balthazar Bratt Despicable Me 3 Male A former child star that turned into a supervillain by attacking and destroying Hollywood, as revenge of his TV show Evil Bratt being cancelled because of him going into puberty during the show's third season. Blasted from a Sonic Keytar which Gru steals it after having a dance fight, leaving him naked and cornered by AVL helicopters as he was floating away on a gum. Later arrested by the AVL
Maxime Le Mal Despicable Me 4 Male A former student of the Villian School, who is a cockroach hybrid who sought revenge on Gru after he stole his song at the 9th grade talent show. Falls to the ground after being taken out by Gru Jr., then trampled by Mega Minions. Later arrested by the AVL. Will Ferrell
Name Appeared in Gender About Defeat Voiced by
Scarlet Overkill Minions Female The Wife of Herb Overkill who desires to steal the Queen's crown to obtain the throne. Frozen from a freeze ray, as she and Herb Overkill attempts to flee from the palace. Later arrested by the AVL.
Belle Bottom Minions: The Rise Of Gru Female The current leader of the Vicious 6. She, along with the other members of Vicious 6 turned into rats, before taken away by the AVL. They are eventually reverted back into human form.